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Junior year is a great time to start the college search process. With this is mind, your student should plan to visit colleges and take advantage of college fairs for opportunities to speak with many different schools. When visiting colleges or speaking with college representatives, your student should think about the questions to ask that will help him or her make future decisions.


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College Entrance Exams

可以免费观看的av毛片,欧欧美一级高清,a片在线观看,中文字幕在线_首页Your student can register in September for the October PSAT. Scores are important, as they are used to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Competition and the National Achievement program; plus, it is good practice for the ACT. PSAT results should arrive in December, which will give your student an opportunity to consult with the guidance counselor to discuss the best way to prepare for the ACT and SAT.

可以免费观看的av毛片,欧欧美一级高清,a片在线观看,中文字幕在线_首页The ACT and SAT should also be included in the plan for this year. Keep in mind that Stanislaus State looks for students to meet a qualifiable , as part of the admission requirements. Encourage your student to take advantage of the testing opportunities throughout the year to ensure more chances at getting the best possible scores. For more information on the and tests, visit the Websites or your student can speak with his or her guidance counselor.

Choosing a Career

This can be a fun and challenging process. As a junior in high school, your student can begin to explore many career options by checking out some of these links:

A-Z Majors可以免费观看的av毛片,欧欧美一级高清,a片在线观看,中文字幕在线_首页 provides information about Stanislaus State majors, including catalog information, and links to the respective department's Website.

Career Services at Stanislaus State has several links to assist your student in finding out more information on careers such as nature of the work, working conditions, job outlook, salaries, skills required and more!

provides access to online catalog, a powerful interface to located books and other library materials. Start by using the keyword "career" and read available resources related to specific careers and career exploration online!

可以免费观看的av毛片,欧欧美一级高清,a片在线观看,中文字幕在线_首页And there's always .