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Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Cover Story

Preserving Cultural Ties

Associate Professor of Anthropology Steve Arounsack is charting new educational pathways through visual methods while documenting the struggle of immigrants to keep their cultures alive.

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Just Did It.

Just Did It.

可以免费观看的av毛片,欧欧美一级高清,a片在线观看,中文字幕在线_首页Stan State has entered into an agreement with Nike to outfit all Warrior Athletics teams.

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Turlock Journal

Informing the Community

可以免费观看的av毛片,欧欧美一级高清,a片在线观看,中文字幕在线_首页The entire editorial staff at Turlock’s hometown newspaper saw their careers born or boosted while attending Stan State.

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T'ai Chi

A Change of Pace for Stressful Lives

The slow-motion martial art of T’ai Chi has joined the fitness options at Stanislaus State.

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What it Means to be a Warrior

Three incoming students share their visions of how Stan State will help them forge their future paths.

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Stanislaus Community Foundation scholarship recipients begin upgrading their nursing degrees.

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A Thirst for Knowledge

A Thirst For Knowledge

可以免费观看的av毛片,欧欧美一级高清,a片在线观看,中文字幕在线_首页Graduate research leads Stan State students to find their passion.

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